Why coach young people?

Why do it? Today, the fast-paced world expects young people to perform and to be successful from early on in their lives: at school, with their families, their partner, their colleagues, their work and their career. To build fulfilling lives, young people must become aware of who they are and how they relate to their world.  They must develop self-worth, self-confidence and mental resilience, amongst other skills and strengths. Young People Coaches are the facilitators of transformation: with their support, young people are empowered to explore, plan and change their lives.  In a short time, they become the leaders of their own lives. Playing a key role in that development process is highly gratifying for Young People Coaches.

‘The coaching scheme enabled me to better understand my personality and develop myself as a person. It gave me the tools to discover my strengths, beliefs and values, and the motivation to help others make the same discoveries. I have become more aware of my emotions and the emotions of my friends and colleagues, which I’m sure has changed my home and work relationships for the better.’