Meet the core team

Arthur Founder, Leadership Coach and Medical Doctor

Organisations I have worked with
Clifford Chance, Baker & McKenzie, BT Group, Hotel Chocolat and DLKW Lowe

Follow inspiration, trust possibilities and re-create the world

Motivations Freedom, chocolate, creativity, wine and generosity   The best thing I’ve learnt Not to take myself (too) seriously   
What life is about
Sharing, exploring and enjoying   Music Bon Jovi and Verdi’s Requiem   Film Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar and Roman Polanski   Holiday destination Italy and France   Interests Snowboarding and saving the world

Leadership and Performance Coach

Organisations I have worked with
BT, Santander, Thames Water, Royal Holloway and Network Rail

Don’t be afraid to dream big! Sometimes things seem impossible but when you take one little step each day towards your dreams, you will travel much further than you ever thought possible

Motivations Connecting with fun and adventurous people, wanting to be a great role model for my kids    The best thing I’ve learnt    I can create the life I want   What life is about Decide one and for all to have an extraordinary life. Whatever that is for you    Music Anything that has good lyrics or a good tune;    Film Comedies, documentaries and thrillers   Holiday destination New Zealand, South Africa and Toronto    Interests Squash, gardening and travelling

Vice President, People Success (Europe)

Organisations I have worked with
Microsoft, SKYPE, Amazon, Sapient

Be yourself. Be proud of who you are and where you are from

Motivations Curiosity   The best thing I’ve learnt The knowledge of the world isn’t contained in only one language   What life is about Inspiring others to accomplish things they previously felt impossible   Music Gladys Knight, Simply Red and Puccini    Film Cinema Paradiso, All About Eve and Meryl Streep   Holiday destination Spain, France (Languedoc) and California (Sonoma Valley)   Interests Trees, fine wines, foreign language cinema

Director, Executive Search

Organisations I have worked with
Cavendish Hawk, Norman Broadbent and Institute of HR Maturity

Develop confidence, resilience and compassion, and ‘lift as you climb’

Motivations Integrity, enthusiasm, kindness, continuous learning   The best thing I’ve learnt All mankind are equally entitled to success, love and happiness What life is about  Living, loving, laughing, learning and legacy   Music Pop to opera   Film Eclectic comedy and drama   Holiday destination Sun, sea and culture   Interests Art, nature and exercise

Head of High Level Events, Department For International Development. Director and Trustee of Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Organisations I have worked with
Various roles in HM Government and have worked with a range of private sector and charity/philantropic organisations – e.g. Unilever, PwC, Nike, Unicef, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Celebrity isn’t all its cracked up to be. Always be curious, ask lots of questions, be adventurous, believe in yourself but listen and pay attention to wise people offering advice

Motivations Priorities and deadline   The best thing I’ve learnt Importance of valuing people over things and spending time with those you care about   What life is about Making a difference   Music Jazz, choral, contemporary classical Film Hitchcock   Holiday destination New Orleans, Hong Kong, Napa Valley and Italy    Interests People, places, plants