Arthur Coaching Ponder Question:

shutterstock_118972225How can I coach students to respond to others with empathy and respect?

Georges Petitjean

Founder, Arthur Coaching

Arthur trains individuals to become professional Young People Coaches. Our mission is to facilitate access to quality leadership coaching for young people.


2 thoughts on “Arthur Coaching Ponder Question:

  1. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your interest. Coaching young people has many facets; one of the most fascinating aspects is being part of empowering young people to become the best they can be. Coaching benefits the young person directly as they discover and utilise their potential; it benefits the people around them, would that be family members, partners, colleagues or employers. Finally, it benefits the coach: nothing is much more gratifying for an adult than being part of shaping future generations, for a better society. It is a way of waking up in the morning with a sense of purpose.
    Please feel free to contact me directly at for more information about coaching and about our next coaching training this Autumn.

    Kind regards,

    Dr Georges Petitjean

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