Arthur: Coaching Young People – or not


Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching are often undertaken by adults dissatisfied with some aspects of their life; people who recognise that they have blocks that are holding them back; professionals simply keen to succeed, lead better and achieve more; or people wanting to create meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

“Why coach young people at all?” you may ask.

In my years of experience and work as a doctor and an executive coach to adults, I have come to see the benefits and importance of well preparing for life, rather than repairing a life.

I think an early intervention is more effective: it prevents unnecessary suffering and disappointment and it offers longer-term gains of general contentment. So, why not coaching young people? After all, they do have their whole lives ahead of them.

The earlier a person learns something, the more time they have to practise, until their learning becomes, unconsciously, a way of life. And when we can catch bad habits of thinking and feeling early and replace them with more useful ones, there is a happier and more successful life to be led.

Professional Youth Coaching is developing (albeit rather slowly) as a valuable support for young people. It helps them to discover their strengths, their passions, their values and to focus on exploring and achieving their goals. It helps them build confidence, the sense of self-worth and mental resilience. It empowers them to become the best they can be –just because potential makes it possible. Good coaching helps young people to understand themselves and others better. Most importantly, it helps them transform and grow.

What about tackling unemployment, offending rates and stress? I am going to stop preaching here. There are so many benefits to life and leadership coaching that it’s a wonder self-development isn’t offered as a standard school or college subject. The Ancient Greeks (who knew one thing or two about the value of knowing oneself) must wonder what the modern Western world has lost or is afraid of –could there be more to young people’s lives than #football and @TheXFactor ?

Georges Petitjean

Founder, Arthur Coaching

Arthur trains individuals to become professional Young People Coaches. Our mission is to facilitate access to quality leadership coaching for young people.